Aloha, "all embracing love", world peace

Are we already manifesting world peace?

Yesterday while watching the Instagram story of Ke'oni Hanalei #pohala_hawaiian_botanicals, I received a download on this topic, which I would like to share with you to inspire thoughtfulness and action.


In his Instagram story, Ke'oni gave a brief introduction to his work with Hawaiian fern medicine and explains the following Hawaiian wisdom.  He says that the feeling of Aloha – „all embracing love“ is made up of 103 different emotions.  These emotions span the entire palette of emotions.  So to come to Aloha – „all embracing love“, it is necessary to have experienced, accepted and integrated all 103 emotions.  He offers various fern medicine for this process of experience, which supports individuals in experiencing, accepting and integrating certain emotions and then experiencing and living with Aloha.  Further information can be found on his website: www.pohala.net. (He offers worlwide shipping.)

It's important to experience all kinds of emotions first, to be able to live with Aloha.

When I listened to Ke'oni yesterday, especially the part that it takes all 103 emotions to experience and integrate Aloha, I received the vision that this can also be transferred to our current world situation.


When you are currently looking into the world, you will see the 103 different emotions everywhere.  All of these must be experienced / lived through by us in order to subsequently achieve Aloha – „all embracing love“.  For me, Aloha also stands for world peace.


This is exactly the process we are currently in.  Many people speak of the ascension of the Earth or the "event".  I now understand all of this as a process of integrating the remaining 103 emotions on the way to Aloha - world peace.

Always, everything is perfectly ok.

Everything is absolutely perfect the way it is. Everyone is currently on the way of experiencing, accepting and integrating the emotions that are still missing.


Please try to no longer to be judgemental and start to become an observer.  We are in the middle of the process back to Aloha – „all embracing love“ - world peace - and every person is exactly right where they are and with the experiences they are having right now - even if it may not look like it.


It is only our judgement that tries to assess one or the other experience as terrible or grandiose.

Please take everything with an open heart.

Always be sure, that every person experiences the same situation completely differently.  This is due to its past, its experiences and its conditionings.


I now have the following invitation to you: "Please become an observer of situations, experience, accept (no assessment but acceptance) the circumstances. Please don’t judge. Because this will support the ascension process, the process of living with Aloha - world peace."


With Love, Melanie

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